About Us

Arizona Optical Metrology was formed by Drs. Chunyu Zhao and Jim Burge in 2009 to commercialize metrology solutions that they had developed at the University of Arizona in support of the large telescope projects. AOM maintains staff and equipment to provide a range of custom products and services for measuring complex optical surfaces and systems.

Visit AOM in Tucson, Arizona at 2420 W. Ruthrauff Rd, Suite 160.

Arizona Optical Metrology is a member of and has deep connections with SPIE, OSA, ASPE.


Arizona Optical Metrology is a rapidly growing business and we are always on the lookout for new talent.  Current job postings are listed below.  To inquire, reach out to us through our Contact Us page.


Current Openings


Senior Optical Engineer

Responsibilities include developing and running computer models for simulating complex optical systems, working with customers to understand their metrology needs, developing practical solutions, and providing complete documentation.

This position requires team leadership; marketing and working directly with customers; knowledge and practical experience in interferometry; strong fundamentals of optical alignment and precision mechanics; and a proven record of developing creative solutions for tough problems.

Job requirements are an advanced degree in optics, at least 5 years relevant experience, and demonstrated history of leadership and innovation.


Optical Engineer

Responsibilities include Zemax modeling of optical systems;  programming in Matlab, C, and Java;  setting up, operating, and reducing data for lab setups; and ability to work with designers and machinists to create prototype and production parts.

Job requirements are BS degree in optics, engineering, or mathematics; at least 2 years practical experience in a related field, and strong programming skills.


Optical Technician

Responsibilities include maintenance and operation of clean facilities for R&D and production of optical assemblies; handling, aligning, and bonding sensitive optical components; operation of precision metrology equipment including interferometer, surface profiler, CMM;  operation of software and writing reports for data analysis; operation of standard machine tools and metrology for making simple metal parts.

Job requirements are 2 years relevant employment with extensive hands-on experience with optics; willingness and ability to learn software for instrument control and data analysis.  Additional highly desired skills include CAD design, advanced machining skills, experience cutting, grinding and polishing glass, and computer programming.