About Us

Arizona Optical Metrology was formed by Drs. Chunyu Zhao and Jim Burge in 2009 to commercialize metrology solutions that they had developed at the University of Arizona in support of the large telescope projects. AOM maintains staff and equipment to provide a range of custom products and services for measuring complex optical surfaces and systems.

Visit AOM in Tucson, Arizona at
2420 W. Ruthrauff Rd, Suite 160.

Photo of front of AOM Tucson office

Visit AOM in Rochester, New York at
400 Air Park Dr, Suite 40.

Photo of the front door of the AOM Rochester office

AOM - Arizona Optical Metrology, Tucson

Arizona Optical Metrology is a member of and has deep connections with SPIE, Optica (formerly OSA), ASPE.


First-hand perspectives on working with Arizona Optical Metrology:

“We are extremely impressed with the level of knowledge and support we get when ordering CGHs.  AOM responds quickly to our requests with a level of professionalism that gives us great confidence in their product.”

Kevin Young

Precision Asphere, Inc.

“AOM is a company that can deliver exactly the metrology solution needed for your complex optical surfaces.”

Michael Bell

Materials and IT Manager, Aperture Optical Sciences, Inc.

“Not only has Arizona Optical Metrology provided excellent products over the years, the support and advice provided on testing setups has been invaluable.”

Dijana Bogunovic

KiwiStar Optics